Determination of acetaldehyde in human blood by a gas chromatographie method with negligible artefactual acetaldehyde formation

Department of Clinical Chemistry, Bispebjerg Hospital, DK-2400 Copenhagen NV Denmark; Department of Psychiatry, Kommunehospitalet, DK-1399 Copenhagen K Denmark
Clinica Chimica Acta 11/1981; DOI: 10.1016/0009-8981(81)90058-9

ABSTRACT A method is described for determination of acetaldehyde in blood by head space gas chromatography.The method utilizes sodium nitrite-sulfosalicylic acid as an inhibitor of the ethanol oxidizing systems by means of which the interference of ethanol is reduced considerably. The detection limit was 0.4 μmol/l, the recovery 101.5 ± 5.2% and the coefficient of variation was 7.8% (1.5 μmol/l acetaldehyde). There was no disappearance of acetaldehyde if the head space vials were kept at −20°C for 24 h. In the comparison study with the semicarbazide method our results were 0.7–4.1 μmol/l lower. The values for acetaldehyde in blood after ethanol ingestion (0.5 g/kg) by volunteers were 0.5–1.3 μmol/l.