Características del Estado Psicológico de los Corredores Populares de Maratón (Characteristics of Recreational Marathon Runners' Psychological State)

Revista de Psicologia del Deporte (Impact Factor: 0.9). 01/2009; 18(2):151-163.


This paper aims to identify the most representative variables of recreational marathon runners' psychological state a few days or hours prior to a race through an analysis of content based on interviews with a sample of expert runners. The sample used and qualitative and deductive analysis procedure are described. The results identified variables such as cognitive anxiety and arousal and self confidence levels in relation to others, such as motivation and perception of physical state, which are included in a theoretical model. Two different models were identified when self-confidence is high or low. A list of possible items for constructing a questionnaire on psychological states before a marathon is suggested.

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