Phytochemical Studies of Fractions and Compounds Present in Vernonanthura Patens with Antifungal Bioactivity and Potential as Antineoplastic

In book: Phytochemicals - A Global Perspective of Their Role in Nutrition and Health
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    ABSTRACT: Antibacterial and molluscicidal activities of methanol and chloroform extracts of 16 plant species belonging to the families Compositae and Melastomataceae were evaluated. The chloroform extract of Vernonanthura tweediana and the methanol extract of Senecio santelisis resulted to be very toxic to brine shrimp nauplii (LC(50)=1 microg/ml). Chloroform extracts of S. santelisis and Senecio leucostachys as well as the methanol extract of Wedelia subvaginata displayed molluscicidal effects on Biomphalaria peregrina showing LC(100)<100 microg/ml. Moderate antibacterial action was produced by the chloroform extracts of Flaveria bidentis, Grindelia scorzonerifolia and Vernonia incana against two strains of Staphylococcus aureus.
    Fitoterapia 04/2007; 78(3):227-31. · 2.22 Impact Factor
  • Leishmamanicidal and trypanocidal activities of Bolivian medicinal plants Assessment of anti-protozoal activity of plants traditionally used in Ecuador in the treatment of leishmaniasis. A Fournet, A A Barrios, M Gacheta, J Salazar, M Kaiserc, R Brunc, H Navarrete, R Muñoz, R Bauer, W Schühlya . 19-37.

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