Classifying Expertise in a Special Interest Group Knowledge Portal Using a Point-Based Semi-Automatic Expertise (PBASE) Method

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Source: InTech

ABSTRACT Instead of using the conventional way to classify users based on the number of posts, this research proposes a two-way classification method called Point-Based Semi-automatic Expertise (PBASE). By proposing the PBASE method, we hope to maximize the capability of SIG knowledge portal for the convenience of its community members to seek help among the members. Furthermore, we have identified that there is a limitation in identifying the type of posts. Based on the current approach, users are required to state the type of post. Thus as part of the future work, we plan to integrate Natural Language Processing (NLP) technique with PBASE. Hence, users will no longer need to state the type of post since NLP will automatically analyze and identify the type of posts. Other future work include that the system should suggest automatically to other members list of people who in the same area or expert. In other word it involves either expert system or decision support system concept.

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