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Modeling of Technology Implementation and Dairy Farm Foundation in Hot Climates

Conference: Proceedings of CIGR Workshop Section II: “Animal Housing in Hot Climates”, p. 23, CIGR Working Group 13 and Misr Society of Agricultural Engineering, Cairo, Egypt.
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    Proceedings of CIGR International Conference of Agricultural Engineering, Iguassu Falls City, Brazil.; 06/2008
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    ABSTRACT: A tool is developed in order to plan and design concrete structures for horizontal silos. A mathematical model was developed. Subsequently, the tool is developed by integrating the mathematical model into an electronic spark map. The spark map (decision tree) specifies the horizontal silo dimensions according to the planned storage volume, computes the required amounts of construction materials to build the horizontal silo, and calculates the capital investment and the fixed, variable, and total costs. On the other hand, the mathematical model of the spark map requires some input data. According to these data, the spark map will make calculations and show the output data automatically. Data of 4 horizontal silos were used to carry out the model validation. The differences between actual and calculated values were determined, and the standard deviations were calculated. The coefficients of variation were 3.4%, 5.5%, 5%, 7%, and 4.5% for amounts of concrete, gravels, cement, sand, and iron rods, respectively.
    International Journal of Scientific Research and Application ISSN: 2334-6051. 11/2012; 1(1):13-19.

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