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An efficient management algorithm for clustering in mobile ad hoc network.

DOI: 10.1145/1163653.1163660 Conference: Proceedings of the 1st ACM Workshop on Performance Monitoring and Measurement of Heterogeneous Wireless and Wired Networks, PM2HW2N 2006, Terromolinos, Spain, October 2, 2006
Source: DBLP

ABSTRACT Clustering of mobile nodes among separate domains has been proposed as an efficient approach to mimic the operation of the fixed infrastructure and manage the resources in multi-hop networks. In this work, we propose a new clustering algorithm, namely Efficient Management Algorithm for Clustering (EMAC) based on weighting parameters. The goals are yielding low number of clusters, maintaining stable clusters, minimizing the number of invocations for the algorithm and maximizing lifetime of mobile nodes in the system. Through simulations we have compared the performance of our algorithm with that of WCA in terms of the number of clusters formed and number of states transitions on each clusterhead. The results demonstrate the superior performance of the proposed algorithm.

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    ABSTRACT: Clustering is a method for hierarchical management of a network. Especially, clustering is often used in MANETs. Johnen et al. proposed a self-stabilizing clustering algorithm which treats a MANET as a vertex-weighted graph. The algorithm has autonomous adaptability against topology changes and weight changes, while it does not consider the stability of clusters. In this paper, we present a weight assignment method that reflects the mobility of each node to its weight so that the stability of clusters is improved. The proposed method makes nodes that move together maintain a cluster by considering mobility groups of nodes. Simulation results show that the proposed method has improved the number of changes in clusterheads of the existing method by 50%.
    New Technologies, Mobility and Security (NTMS), 2011 4th IFIP International Conference on; 03/2011
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    ABSTRACT: Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is a type of communication network which is used for data communication between a group of mobile nodes using wireless channels. Clustering has evolved as an important research topic in MANETs as it improves the system performance of large MANETs. Clustering is a process that divides the network into interconnected substructures, called clusters. Each cluster has a cluster head as coordinator within the substructure. In this paper, we propose a new clustering protocol for MANET. The proposed algorithm is a very quick clustering algorithm and creates minimum clusters with maximum member node in each cluster. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm provides better performance in terms of the number of formed clusters and average number of transition (state change) on cluster heads when compared to that of other weight based algorithms such as weighted clustering algorithm (WCA).
    Telecommunications, 2008. IST 2008. International Symposium on; 09/2008
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    ABSTRACT: Energy efficiency is a major concern in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Many clustering algorithms have been proposed for such a purpose. This paper investigates the existing clustering algorithms. The algorithms have been classified and some representatives are described in each category. After analyzing the strengths and the weaknesses of each category, an important characteristic of WSNs is pointed out for further improvement of energy efficiency for WSNs.
    Communications Workshops, 2008. ICC Workshops '08. IEEE International Conference on; 06/2008