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An Effective Clustering Approach to Stock Market Prediction.

Department of Accounting, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Conference: Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, PACIS 2010, Taipei, Taiwan, 9-12 July 2010
Source: DBLP

ABSTRACT In this paper, we propose an effective clustering method, HRK (Hierarchical agglomerative and Recursive K-means clustering), to predict the short-term stock price movements after the release of financial reports. The proposed method consists of three phases. First, we convert each financial report into a feature vector and use the hierarchical agglomerative clustering method to divide the converted feature vectors into clusters. Second, for each cluster, we recursively apply the K-means clustering method to partition each cluster into sub-clusters so that most feature vectors in each sub- cluster belong to the same class. Then, for each sub-cluster, we choose its centroid as the representative feature vector. Finally, we employ the representative feature vectors to predict the stock price movements. The experimental results show the proposed method outperforms SVM in terms of accuracy and average profits.

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    ABSTRACT: Corporate analysis is needed for various purposes such as finding a good business partner or a good employment, as well as choosing a good investment. Conventionally, it has been based mainly on financial figures. Recent advances in natural language processing technology, however, has activated studies on analysis of non-financial, textual data. This paper tries to predict the growth rate of the operating income of a company from text data contained in the security report of that company. It reports that this method can classify profitable companies and loss-making ones at 55% F-measure.
    Advanced Applied Informatics (IIAIAAI), 2013 IIAI International Conference on; 01/2013

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