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Research on Collision Detection Algorithm Based on AABB.

DOI: 10.1109/ICNC.2009.196 Conference: Fifth International Conference on Natural Computation, ICNC 2009, Tianjian, China, 14-16 August 2009, 6 Volumes
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An improved collision detection algorithm based on AABB is presented. During the global search, each axis is cut into a series of segments containing the same number of AABBs' projection intervals, and Shell sort is adopted to sort projection lists, not insertion sort. This will avoid needless intersecting test of AABB. During the local detection, the amount of byte of AABB bounding-volume for internal node is reduced according to the constructing process of AABB tree, and leaf nodes are wiped from tree structure The storage of AABB tree is compressed. This method can save a large amount of space and speed up the algorithm. Experiments indicate that the improved algorithm reduce detection time for the same models.

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    ABSTRACT: A hierarchical model for collision detection of convex polyhedral is presented. This model is based on double representation: the exterior is composed by the minimum outer boxes that envelope the polyhedral; it is an Axis-Aligned Bounding Boxes (AABB), and the interior is composed by the maximum inner boxes that is included inside the polyhedral. Inner boxes allow faster testing of overlapping detection and outer boxes allow faster testing of no-collision. The double representation model proposed has been structured as a binary tree, the polyhedral has been subdivided and the original polyhedral is reconstructed by all nodes of equal level of the tree. Experimental results show that inner boxes improve the collision detection process; consequently, the efficiency of the collision detection is improved. The collision detection algorithm has been implemented and validated with a set of convex polyhedral. Finally, a comparison among the proposed algorithm and some recognized collision detectors has been done.
    Informatica (CLEI), 2012 XXXVIII Conferencia Latinoamericana En; 01/2012