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Telepresent Agents: A New Paradigm for Networked Systems

Conference: Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications, PDPTA '04, June 21-24, 2004, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Volume 3
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Telepresent Agents are software Agents that are instantiated simultaneously within two or more distinct computer applica- tions (called Locales) which are operating at distinct nodes of a computer network. Agents are composed of Capabilities—often a separate Ca- pability for each Locale in which the Agent op- erates. As an Agent exchanges information among and within its Capabilities, information passes implicitly among the Locales as if through a wormhole communication channel. One way to think about SimX—our name for the mechanisms described here—is that its does for data shared among Locales and Remote Proce- dure Calls what object-oriented programming did for instance variables and subprogram calls. By providing an entity-like construct within which such calls and data can be encapsulated, a construct that cuts across Locale boundaries, SimX eliminates the need for explicit mecha- nisms to allow Agents and Locales to communi- cate directly.

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    ABSTRACT: The goal of this ongoing project is to develop an open agent architecture and accompanying user interface for networked desktop and handheld machines. The system we are building should support distributed execution of a user's requests, interoperabilityofmultiple application subsystems, addition of new agents, and incorporation of existing applications. It should also be transparent; users should not need to know where their requests are being executed, nor how. Finally, in order to facilitate the user's delegating tasks to agents, the architecture will be served byamultimodal interface, including pen, voice, and direct manipulation. Design considerations taken to support this functionality will be discussed below. INTRODUCTION Agents are all the rage. #Visioneering" videos, suchas Apple Computer's Knowledge Navigator, have helped to popularize the notion that programs endowed with agency, if not intelligence, are just around the corner. Soon, users need not themselves...
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