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New design of the steering mechanism for a mini coaxial helicopter.

Autonomous Syst. Lab., ETH Zurich, Zurich
DOI: 10.1109/IROS.2008.4650769 Conference: 2008 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, September 22-26, 2008, Acropolis Convention Center, Nice, France
Source: DBLP

ABSTRACT Whenever the realization of a swash plate mechanism is not feasible (e.g. due to miniaturization limitations), center of gravity steering is an interesting alternative to swash plate steering. We present an approach to describe the dynamic behavior of a coaxial micro helicopter steered by a center of gravity shifting mechanism. The mechanical design of an existing system is improved to increase mechanical robustness and steering quality. In parallel, a simulation model is developed and implemented. It is used to estimate the system response to steering inputs, and to compare center of gravity to swash plate steering. Experimental flight results show an improvement of the helicopter performance due to the mechanical redesign.

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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents the control and the mechanism of a flying robot with on-board sensors. This flying robot consists of four rotors, four landing legs, and a body. Also, ultrasonic sensors are installed in the body to measure flight height, while an acceleration sensor, a gyro sensor, and a geomagnetic sensor are attached to the body to measure rotation angles and angular velocities. A GPS sensor is used to detect the present position of the robot. To control the flying robot, a PID controller and PWM signals are used. Through flight experiments, the effectiveness of the mechanism and the control system is verified.
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    ABSTRACT: The steering system on a micro helicopter is the key element for control and navigation. For a sufficient control authority the steering has to be fast, precise, reliable and lightweight. While on full scale helicopters the choice of the steering mechanism is limited, there exist many possibilities to steer a helicopter in small scale. In this paper a survey on different concepts is given followed by a realization on the coaxial micro helicopter muFly. The mechanism uses piezoelectric actuation and a simplified swash plate to apply cyclic pitch and thus maneuver the Micro Air Vehicle.
    Mechtronic and Embedded Systems and Applications, 2008. MESA 2008. IEEE/ASME International Conference on; 11/2008
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    ABSTRACT: The purpose of this research is to add the flying mobility to the humanoid robot to improve the efficient in climbing high obstacle and moving long distance. This paper proposed the concept of twin rotors configuration with CG shifting steering mechanism. The mathematical model was constructed. The numerical simulation showed the feasibility of proposed concept.