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Dual Communication System Using Wired and Wireless with the Routing Consideration

DOI: 10.1007/11552413_149 Conference: Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems, 9th International Conference, KES 2005, Melbourne, Australia, September 14-16, 2005, Proceedings, Part I
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As the actual testing result without any countermeasure in the communication environments in the house, it has gained that
the communication success rate is 82% in the current wireless type 802.15.4 and is 70% in the wired PLC, and is 90% in the
dual communication system with the mutual complement of them. Moreover, in order to improve the communication quality, the
routing system through the nodes is investigated. As the result, it is found that the routing system in which the features
of the wireless and wired communications are considered will considerably reduce the number of the routes and the number of
the communication times per route. Thus, we think that one of the methods to put the measures into practice will be gained.

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    ABSTRACT: In the future home network, information appliances will be controlled and managed by the use of PLC (Power Line Communication) that enables the No New Wire and ZigBee concepts to be implemented in a ubiquitous sensor network. However, the arrival rate of PLC and the communication quality deterioration of ZigBee are significant problems because the control information for the appliances has to be transmitted reliably. To solve these problems, we examined communication methods that increase the arrival rate in a mutual complementary network environment. These methods improve reliability by mutually complementing, through PLC and ZigBee, the places where nodes can't communicate through only one interface. A comparison of these methods through ns-2 simulations shows that the Table Creation method is more reliable than the other methods we examined.
    Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems, 10th International Conference, KES 2006, Bournemouth, UK, October 9-11, 2006, Proceedings, Part III; 01/2006
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    ABSTRACT: The transmission property of power line channel has been analyzed, and power line spread spectrum communication has been expounded in the paper. We study a complementary network system which works simultaneously two communication systems, wireless (IEEE 802.15.4 Zigbee) and wired (Power line carrier communication; PLC) communication. Our analyze results show that the communication result of the table creation (TC) communication method is much better than that of the broadcast (BC) method and relay confirmation (RC) method. The concrete scheme of home network based on complementary system and the program of control unit are gave in the paper.