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Analyzing Compliance of Service-Based Business Processes for Root-Cause Analysis and Prediction.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-16985-4_25 Conference: Current Trends in Web Engineering - 10th International Conference on Web Engineering, ICWE 2010 Workshops, Vienna, Austria, July 2010, Revised Selected Papers
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Automatically monitoring and enforcing compliance of service-based business processes with laws, regulations, standards, contracts,
or policies is a hot issue in both industry and research. Little attention has however been paid to the problem of understanding non-compliance and improving business practices to prevent non-compliance in the future, a task that typically still requires human interpretation and
intervention. Building upon work on automated detection of non-compliant situations, in this paper we propose a technique
for the root-cause analysis of encountered problems and for the prediction of likely compliance states of running processes
that leverages (i) on event-based service infrastructures, in order to collect execution evidence, and (ii) on the concept
of key compliance indicator, in order to focus the analysis on the right data. We validate our ideas and algorithms on real
data from an internal process of a hospital.

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    ABSTRACT: Compliance governance in organizations has been recently gaining importance because of new regulations and the diversity of compliance sources. In this demo we will show an integrated solution for runtime compliance governance in Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs). The proposed solution supports the whole cycle of compliance management and has been tested in a real world case study.
    Service-Oriented Computing - 8th International Conference, ICSOC 2010, San Francisco, CA, USA, December 7-10, 2010. Proceedings; 01/2010
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    ABSTRACT: Assessing whether a company's business practices conform to laws and regulations and follow standards and SLAs, i.e., compliance management, is a complex and costly task. Few software tools aiding compli-ance management exist; yet, they typically do not address the needs of who is actually in charge of assess-ing and understanding compliance. We advocate the use of a compliance governance dashboard and suit-able root cause analysis techniques that are specifically tailored to the needs of compliance experts and auditors. The design and implementation of these instruments are challenging for at least three reasons: (i) it is fundamental to identify the right level of abstraction for the information to be shown; (ii) it is not trivial to visualize different analysis perspectives; and (iii) it is difficult to manage and analyze the large amount of involved concepts, instruments, and data. This chapter shows how to address these issues, which concepts and models underlie the problem, and, eventually, how IT can effectively support compli-ance analysis in Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs).
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    ABSTRACT: Business process compliance management is an important part of corporate governance as it helps meet objectives while avoiding consequences and penalties. Although there is much research in this area, we believe goal-oriented compliance management using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the compliance level of organizations is an area that can be further developed. To investigate this hypothesis, we undertook a systematic literature review, querying four major search engines and performing manual searches in related workshops and citations. From a research body consisting of 198 articles and their references, we have systematically selected 32 papers. We grouped these papers into five categories and highlighted their main contributions. The results show that all selected papers were written in the last five years, and that few effectively represent compliance results using dashboards or similar tools. Although all individual pieces are available, no existing solution yet combines goals with KPIs for measuring the overall compliance level of an organization.
    Advanced Information Systems Engineering Workshops - CAiSE 2011 International Workshops, London, UK, June 20-24, 2011. Proceedings; 01/2011