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WebODE: a scalable workbench for ontological engineering.

DOI: 10.1145/500737.500743 Conference: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Knowledge Capture (K-CAP 2001), October 21-23, 2001, Victoria, BC, Canada
Source: OAI

ABSTRACT This paper presents WebODE as a workbench for ontological engineering that not only allows the collaborative edition of ontologies at the knowledge level, but also provides a scalable architecture for the development of other ontology development tools and ontology-based applications. First, we will describe the knowledge model of WebODE, which has been mainly extracted and improved from the reference model of METHONTOLOGY?s intermediate representations. Later, we will present its architecture, together with the main functionalities of the WebODE ontology editor, such as its import/export service, translation services, ontology browser, inference engine and axiom generator, and some services that have been integrated in the workbench: WebPicker, OntoMerge and the OntoCatalogue.


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