Product and project challenges in electronic commerce software development.

ACM SIGMIS Database (Impact Factor: 0.64). 12/2002; 33:10-22. DOI: 10.1145/590806.590810
Source: DBLP

ABSTRACT Electronic commerce (E-commerce) software development organizations face unique challenges based on rapidly changing markets, demanding customers with ill-defined requirements, and resulting priority conflicts between product line development and customer projects. A model of this unique development environment is identified with important linkages among the product function, the project function, and the underlying software development function within an organization. Guided by this model of the E-commerce development environment, a case study of a medium-sized E-commerce company was conducted. Based on this study, eight critical challenges to the successful development of top quality software systems are identified. From these challenges a research model and propositions are presented. As each challenge is discussed unique impacts of the E-commerce environment are reinforced by direct quotes from in-depth interviews. On-going research will draw upon the research model and propositions to provide insights on how best to develop software products and deliver customer projects in E-commerce environments.


Available from: Alan Hevner, May 28, 2015