Construction of orthonormal multi-wavelets with additional vanishing moments.

Advances in Computational Mathematics (Impact Factor: 1.56). 01/2006; 24:239-262. DOI: 10.1007/s10444-004-7610-7
Source: DBLP

ABSTRACT An iterative scheme for constructing compactly supported orthonormal (o. n. ) multi-wavelets with vanishing moments of arbitrarily high order is established. Precisely, let f = [f1, ···,fr], be an r-dimensional o. n. scaling function vector with polynomial preservation of order (p. p. o. ) m, and = [1, ·· ·, r], an o. n. multi-wavelet corresponding to f, with two-scale symbols P and Q, respectively. Then a new (r + 1)-dimensional o. n. scaling function vector f, := [f,,fr+1], and some corresponding o. n. multi-wavelet, are constructed in such a way that f, has p. p. o. = n > m and their two-scale symbols P, and Q, are lower and upper triangular block matrices, respectively, without increasing the size of the supports. For instance, for r = 1, if we consider the m, order Daubechies o. n. scaling function f,m, then f, := [f,m,f2], is a scaling function vector with p. p. o. > m. As another example, for r = 2, if we use the symmetric o. n. scaling function vector f in our earlier work [3], then we obtain a new pair of scaling function vector f, = [f,, f3], and multi-wavelet, that not only increase the order of vanishing moments but also preserve symmetry.

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    ABSTRACT: Satellite communication antennas are key devices of a measurement ship to support voice, data, fax and video integration services. Condition monitoring of mechanical equipment from the vibration measurement data is significant for guaranteeing safe operation and avoiding the unscheduled breakdown. So, condition monitoring system for ship-based satellite communication antennas is designed and developed. Planetary gearboxes play an important role in the transmission train of satellite communication antenna. However, condition monitoring of planetary gearbox still faces challenges due to complexity and weak condition feature. This paper provides a possibility for planetary gearbox condition monitoring by proposing ensemble a multiwavelet analysis method. Benefit from the property on multi-resolution analysis and the multiple wavelet basis functions, multiwavelet has the advantage over characterizing the non-stationary signal. In order to realize the accurate detection of the condition feature and multi-resolution analysis in the whole frequency band, adaptive multiwavelet basis function is constructed via increasing multiplicity and then vibration signal is processed by the ensemble multiwavelet transform. Finally, normalized ensemble multiwavelet transform information entropy is computed to describe the condition of planetary gearbox. The effectiveness of proposed method is first validated through condition monitoring of experimental planetary gearbox. Then this method is used for planetary gearbox condition monitoring of ship-based satellite communication antennas and the results support its feasibility.
    Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 02/2015; 54-55. DOI:10.1016/j.ymssp.2014.07.026 · 2.47 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: This investigation aims at studying some special properties (convergence, polynomial preservation order, and orthogonal symmetry) of a class of r-dimension iterative equations, whose state variables are described by the following nonlinear iterative equation: ϕn(x)=T(ϕn−1(x)):=∑j=0mHjϕn−1(2x−k). The obtained results in this paper are complementary to some published results. As an application, we construct orthogonal symmetric multiwavelet with additional vanishing moments. Two examples are also arranged to demonstrate the correctness and effectiveness of the main results.
    Abstract and Applied Analysis 01/2013; 2013. DOI:10.1155/2013/180184 · 1.27 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Fault detection from the vibration measurement data of rotating machinery is significant for avoiding serious accidents. However, non-stationary vibration signal with a large amount of noise makes this task challenging. Multiwavelet not only owns the advantage on multi-resolution analysis but also can offer multiple wavelet basis functions. So it has the possibility of detecting various fault features preferably. However, the fixed basis functions which are not related to the given signal may lower the accuracy of fault detection. Moreover, another major intrinsic deficiency of multiwavelet lies in its critically sampled filter-bank, which causes shift-variance and is harmful to extract the feature of periodical impulses. To overcome these deficiencies, a new method called customized redundant multiwavelet (CRM) is constructed via increasing multiplicity (IM). IM is a simple method to design a series of changeable multiwavelet which are available for the subsequent optimization process. By the rule of the envelope spectrum entropy minimum principle, optimal multiwavelet is searched for. Based on the customized multiwavelet filters, the filters of CRM can be calculated by inserting zeros. The proposed method is applied to analyze the simulation, gearbox and rolling element bearing vibration signals. Compared with some other conventional methods, the results demonstrate that the proposed method possesses robust performance in detecting fault features of rotating machinery.
    Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 01/2014; 42(s 1–2):206–224. DOI:10.1016/j.ymssp.2013.08.024 · 2.47 Impact Factor


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