Ontology-Based Context Modeling and Reasoning for U-HealthCare.

IEICE Transactions 01/2007; 90-D:1262-1270. DOI: 10.1093/ietisy/e90-d.8.1262
Source: DBLP

ABSTRACT In order to prepare the health care industry for an increasingly aging society, a ubiquitous health care infrastructure is certainly needed. In a ubiquitous computing environment, it is important that all applications and middleware should be executed on an embedded system. To provide personalized health care services to users anywhere and anytime, a context-aware framework should convert low-level context to high-level context. Therefore, ontology and rules were used in this research to convert low-level context to high-level context. In this paper, we propose context modeling and context reasoning in a context-aware framework which is executed on an embedded wearable system in a ubiquitous computing environment for U-HealthCare. The objective of this research is the development of the standard ontology foundation for health care services and context modeling. A system for knowledge inference technology and intelligent service deduction is also developed in order to recognize a situation and provide customized health care service. Additionally, the context-aware framework was tested experimentally.

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