On the Power of Randomized Branching Programs

Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity (ECCC) 01/1995; 2.
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ABSTRACT We define the notion of a randomized branching program in the natural way similar to the definition of a randomized circuit. We exhibit an explicit function fn for which we prove that: 1) f n can be computed by polynomial size randomized read-once ordered branching program with a small one-sided error; 2) fn cannot be computed in polynomial size by deterministic readonce branching programs; 3) fn cannot be computed in polynomial size by deterministic read- k-times ordered branching program for k = o(n= log n) (the required deterministic size is exp GammaOmega Gamma n k DeltaDelta ). 1 Preliminaries Different models of branching programs introduced in [13, 15], have been studied extensively in the last decade (see for example [19]). A survey of known lower bounds for different models of branching programs can be found in [17]. Developments in the field of digital design and verification have led to the introduction of restricted forms of branching programs. In parti...


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