Global Stability of Monostable Traveling Waves For Nonlocal Time-Delayed Reaction-Diffusion Equations.

SIAM J. Math. Analysis 01/2010; 42:2762-2790. DOI: 10.1137/090776342
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    ABSTRACT: We study the existence and uniqueness of wavefronts to the scalar reaction-diffusion equations $u_{t}(t,x) = \Delta u(t,x) - u(t,x) + g(u(t-h,x)),$ with monotone delayed reaction term $g: \R_+ \to \R_+$ and $h >0$. We are mostly interested in the situation when the graph of $g$ is not dominated by its tangent line at zero, i.e. when the condition $g(x) \leq g'(0)x,$ $x \geq 0$, is not satisfied. It is well known that, in such a case, a special type of rapidly decreasing wavefronts (pushed fronts) can appear in non-delayed equations (i.e. with $h=0$). One of our main goals here is to establish a similar result for $h>0$. We prove the existence of the minimal speed of propagation, the uniqueness of wavefronts (up to a translation) and describe their asymptotics at $-\infty$. We also present a new uniqueness result for a class of nonlocal lattice equations.
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    ABSTRACT: This paper is concerned with the nonlinear stability of traveling wavefronts for a single species population model with nonlocal dispersal and age structure. By using the weighted energy method together with the comparison principle, we prove that the traveling wavefront is exponentially stable, when the initial perturbation around the wavefronts decays exponentially at –∞, but it can be arbitrarily large in other locations. In particular, our result implies that the time delay is harmless for stability of traveling wavefronts of the model.
    Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Physik ZAMP 01/2013; · 0.94 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: In this note, we present a monostable delayed reaction-diffusion equation with the unimodal birth function which admits only non-monotone wavefronts. Moreover, these fronts are either eventually monotone (in particular, such is the minimal wave) or slowly oscillating. Hence, for the Mackey-Glass type diffusive equations, we answer affirmatively the question about the existence of non-monotone non-oscillating wavefronts. As it was recently established by Hasik {\it et al.} and Ducrot {\it et al.}, the same question has a negative answer for the KPP-Fisher equation with a single delay.
    Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 10/2013; 419(1).

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