Morphological differentiation among native trout populations in North-Western Greece

Journal of Biological Research (Impact Factor: 0.71). 01/2012; 17:33-43.

ABSTRACT Morphology of native brown trout (Salmo spp.) from four major rivers of Western Greece was
analyzed using 36 morphometric and 7 meristic characters in order to clarify its taxonomic status
and provide insights about the life models followed by these populations. Significant between-
population differences were observed in both types of characters. Discriminant analysis
allowed correct classification of 92.9% of all specimens. Differences in morphometric traits were
related to body shape as well as to fin positioning and length. Cluster analysis carried out separately
on mean morphometric and modal meristic values of populations indicated (in both cases)
distinct position of the trout population from Louros River. Morphometrics of S. lourosensis suggest
a spatially restricted resident model of life, in which case conservation measures should be
focused on restoration and protection of the uppermost part of the stream where the species is


Available from: Christos Gkenas, Jun 10, 2015