Perfil dos artigos sobre depressão em periódicos brasileiros/ Profile of articles about depression in Brazilian journals

Revista de Psicologia da IMED 01/2011; 3:476-486.


Depression is a mental disorder which causes great damage, and having a qualified knowledge about this pathology allows the establishment of more effective coping strategies. Accordingly, a scientific production of quality is the starting point for an appropriate approach in treatment. The purpose of this article was to review the literature about depression in Brazilian journals evaluated by the CAPES’s QUALIS system. The method consisted in survey on-line psychology journals with search engine evaluated by QUALIS in 2010, and so filter articles with the key-word “depressão" (depression). Through these criteria, 665 articles found in 222 journals were selected. The results show that most articles about depression are written in Portuguese, have a biological approach, they are studies of survey/correlation and do not explicitly present the theory behind the analysis. This profile indicates that the Brazilian production on depression can be better qualified, improving knowledge about this psychopathology.

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