Aprendizagem significativa, codificação dual e objetos de aprendizagem

Revista Brasileira de Informática na Educação 01/2010; 18:4.


A concept map can be understood as a web of concepts, hierarchically organized, where it demonstrates the interrelationship between them. We can use a concept map to explain the various concepts used in an animation and thus the concept map can act as structuring the global knowledge that is being focused to a specific range. The interactive animation is a pedagogical tool used to create an image of a physical phenomena, constructed in accordance with a model accepted by the academic community, with which we can interact by modifying its initial conditions. The dual coding theory provides a consistent support for the integrated use of conceptual texts, concept map and interactive animation. This theory points that when receive simultaneously an information through verbal coding (text and map) and visual coding (interactive animation and concept map) we increase the possibility of understanding of the content, mainly because we use specific capability of each transmission interaction channel (visual and verbal). The intent of this paper is to discuss the potential of this strategy of teaching and learning and provide a digital learning object that uses a dual coding.

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    ABSTRACT: A report and discussion is given of some of the results of testing students at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology on diagrams which involved the use of visual conventions. (MN)
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