Growth and dc conductivity studies of tripotassium sodium dichromate single crystal

Indian Journal of Physics 09/2010; 84:1123-1128. DOI: 10.1007/s12648-010-0111-2

ABSTRACT DC electrical conductivity studies were carried out along the three crystallographic axes for tripotassium sodium dichromate (K3Na(CrO4) 2 or KNCr). Earlier studies of phase transition in this crystal show successive phase transitions at 239 K and 853 K. In this paper we report the dc electrical conductivity measurements in the temperature region 303–430 K along the crystallographic axes. An anomaly in conductivity was obtained around 326 K along both the axes. This may be attributed as due to a newly observed phase transition in the crystal. DSC taken for the sample also shows exothermic peak supporting the occurrence of newly observed phase transition.

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    ABSTRACT: The in-plane and out-of-plane resistivities of 1T-TiSe2 are determined precisely down to 14 K. Both of them show the so-called broadened peak, though, the slope of ρ c becomes negative for $ T \ge 200\;{\text{K}} $ .On the other hand, the resistivity anisotropy has at least two slope changes at 150 and 250 K, and its values are much less than other transition metal dichalcogenides such as 2H- NbSe2.
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