[Quantitative flow measurement of the art. dorsalis pedis in normal probands and patients with arterial occlusive disease of a low Fontaine stage].

Rehabzentrum für Diabetes und Stoffwechselerkrankungen, Alland.
VASA. Supplementum 02/1991; 33:314-5.
Source: PubMed


Quantitative blood flow measurements of the dorsal foot artery were performed with a multichannel digital pulsed Doppler device in normal volunteers and in patients with Fontaine IIa stage peripheral arterial occlusive disease. The measured parameters were: 1. vessel diameter, 2. maximum systolic flow volume, 3. minimum diastolic flow volume, 4. maximum systolic velocity, 5. minimum diastolic velocity. The calculated parameters were: pulsatility index, mean velocity and mean flow volume. Pulsatility index, maximum systolic flow volume and velocity were found to be reduced--although not statistically significant--in patients compared to volunteers.

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