Conjugacy in Garside Groups III: Periodic braids

Journal of Algebra (Impact Factor: 0.58). 10/2006; DOI: 10.1016/j.jalgebra.2007.02.002
Source: arXiv

ABSTRACT An element in Artin's braid group B_n is said to be periodic if some power of it lies in the center of B_n. In this paper we prove that all previously known algorithms for solving the conjugacy search problem in B_n are exponential in the braid index n for the special case of periodic braids. We overcome this difficulty by putting to work several known isomorphisms between Garside structures in the braid group B_n and other Garside groups. This allows us to obtain a polynomial solution to the original problem in the spirit of the previously known algorithms. This paper is the third in a series of papers by the same authors about the conjugacy problem in Garside groups. They have a unified goal: the development of a polynomial algorithm for the conjugacy decision and search problems in B_n, which generalizes to other Garside groups whenever possible. It is our hope that the methods introduced here will allow the generalization of the results in this paper to all Artin-Tits groups of spherical type.

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    ABSTRACT: In the last decade, a number of public key cryptosys-tems based on combinatorial group theoretic problems in braid groups have been proposed. Our tutorial is aimed at presenting these cryptosystems and some known attacks on them. We start with some basic facts on braid groups and on the Gar-side normal form of its elements. We then present some known algorithms for solving the word problem in the braid group. After that, we present the major public-key cryptosystems based on the braid group. We then discuss some of the known attacks on these cryptosystems. We finish with a discussion of future directions.
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    ABSTRACT: In [1, Open question 2], the following question was posed: Is the size of the ultra summit set of the conjugacy class of a rigid pseudo-Anosov braid bounded above by a polynomial in the braid length and the number of strands? A negative answer to this question is given. Keywordsbraid group–conjugacy problem–ultra summit set–rigid pseudo-Anosov braid–left normal form–Garside element–Birman-Ko-Lee presentation
    Mathematical Notes 01/2011; 89(3):545-554. · 0.24 Impact Factor
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