Yetter-Drinfeld modules over weak Hopf algebras and the center construction

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ABSTRACT We introduce Yetter-Drinfeld modules over a weak Hopf algebra $H$, and show that the category of Yetter-Drinfeld modules is isomorphic to the center of the category of $H$-modules. The categories of left-left, left-right, right-left and right-right Yetter-Drinfeld modules are isomorphic as braided monoidal categories. Yetter-Drinfeld modules can be viewed as weak Doi-Hopf modules, and, a fortiori, as weak entwined modules. If $H$ is finitely generated and projective, then we introduce the Drinfeld double using duality results between entwining structures and smash product structures, and show that the category of Yetter-Drinfeld modules is isomorphic to the category of modules over the Drinfeld double.

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    ABSTRACT: In this paper we introduce the notion of weak operator and the theory of Yetter-Drinfeld modules over a weak braided Hopf algebra with invertible antipode in a strict monoidal category. We prove that the class of such objects constitutes a non strict monoidal category. It is also shown that this category is not trivial, that is to say that it admits objects generated by the adjoint action (coaction) associated to the weak braided Hopf algebra.
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    ABSTRACT: Let $(H, \mathcal{R})$ be a quasitriangular weak Hopf algebra, $A$ a weak Hopf algebra, and $f$ a weak Hopf algebra map between $H$ and $A$. Then we show that $A$ induce a Hopf algebra $C_{A}(A_{s})$ in the category ${}_{H}\mathcal{M}$, which generalizes the transmutation theory introduced by Majid. Furthermore, we construct a Hopf algebra $C_{H}(H_{s})_F$ in the category ${}_H\mathcal{M}_F$ for any cocommutative weak Hopf algebra $H$ and a weak invertible unit 2-cocycle $F$, which generalizes the result in [5]. Finally, we consider the relation between $C_{H}(H_s)_{F}$ and $C_{\widetilde {H}}(\widetilde{H}_{s})$, and obtain that they are isomorphic as objects in the category ${}_{\widetilde {H}}\mathcal{M}$, where $(\widetilde{H}, \widetilde{\mathcal{R}})$ is a new quasitriangular weak Hopf algebra induced by $(H, \mathcal{R})$.
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    ABSTRACT: Given a weak distributive law between algebras underlying two weak bialgebras, we present sufficient conditions under which the corresponding weak wreath product algebra becomes a weak bialgebra with respect to the tensor product coalgebra structure. When the weak bialgebras are weak Hopf algebras, then the same conditions are shown to imply that the weak wreath product becomes a weak Hopf algebra, too. Our sufficient conditions are capable to describe most known examples, (in particular the Drinfel'd double of a weak Hopf algebra).

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