Branes with fluxes wrapped on spheres

Journal of High Energy Physics (Impact Factor: 5.62). 05/2002; DOI: 10.1088/1126-6708/2002/07/045
Source: arXiv

ABSTRACT Following an eight-dimensional gauged supergravity approach we construct the most general solution describing D6-branes wrapped on a Kahler four-cycle taken to be the product of two spheres of different radii. Our solution interpolates between a Calabi-Yau four-fold and the spaces S^2xS^2xS^2xR^2 or S^2xS^2xR^4, depending on generic choices for the parameters. Then we turn on a background four-form field strength, corresponding to D2-branes, and show explicitly how our solution is deformed. For a particular choice of parameters it represents a flow from a Calabi-Yau four-fold times the three-dimensional Minkowski space-time in the ultraviolet, to the space-time AdS_4xQ^{1,1,1} in the infrared. In general, the solution in the infrared has a singularity which within type-IIA supergravity corresponds to the near horizon geometry of the solution for the D2-D6 system. Finally, we uncover the relation with work done in the eighties on Freund-Rubin type compactifications. Comment: 15 pages, Latex

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    ABSTRACT: We construct the supergravity solution in 11 dimensions describing D6-branes wrapped around a Kähler four-cycle with a B-field along the flat directions of the brane. The configuration is dual to an N = 2 non-commutative gauge theory in 2 + 1 dimensions. We also construct the four associated independent Killing spinors. The phenomenon of supersymmetry without supersymmetry appears naturally when compactifying to type-IIA or 8d gauged supergravity. Therefore, this solution also provides an 11d background with four supercharges and four-form flux, which is not obtainable from 8d gauged supergravity. 11d 2 2.2 Compactification to type IIA and supersymmetry 6 2.3 Compactification to 8d gauged sugra and supersymmetry 7 3. Non-commutative wrapped D6-branes 8 3.1 Commutative wrapped D6-branes 8 3.2 Non-commutative wrapped D6 10 3.3 Compactifications to type-IIA and to 8d gauged sugra 13 4. Conclusions 13
    Journal of High Energy Physics 10/2002; 10:016. · 5.62 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: We explicitly realize supersymmetric cones based on the five-dimensional Y and L Einstein Sasaki spaces. We use them to construct supersymmetric type IIB supergravity solutions representing a stack of D3- and D5-branes as warped products of the six-dimensional cones and R.
    Physics Letters B 10/2005; 625(1-2):135-144. · 4.57 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, we first compute the Killing spinors of $AdS_4\times Q^{1, 1, 1}$ and its certain orbifolds. Based on this, two classes of $M2$-brane solutions are found. The first class of solutions includes $M2$-branes dual to Wilson loops in the fundamental representation as special cases. The second class includes the candidates of the holographic description of vortex loops in the dual field theories.


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