Human decidua is a major source of renin.

Department of Medicine, University of Southern California, School of Medicine, Los Angeles 90033.
Journal of Clinical Investigation (Impact Factor: 12.81). 07/1989; 83(6):2085-92. DOI: 10.1172/JCI114121
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ABSTRACT Plasma prorenin levels are elevated in normal pregnant women. Current evidence suggests renin production by tissues of the uteroplacental unit contribute to this elevation. The purpose of this investigation was to define the source of renin biosynthesis within the human uteroplacental unit and to characterize the renin produced. RNA extraction and Northern blot analysis consistently demonstrated renin mRNA expression in uterine lining both in the pregnant (decidua) and nonpregnant states (endometrium) and in fetal chorion laeve, which is inseparable from the decidua. In contrast, renin mRNA expression was not detected in basal plate and intertwin chorion (which is separate from decidua), amnion, myometrium, or placental villi. The total renin content in decidual homogenates was two- to threefold greater than in endometrial homogenates, and cultured human decidual cells produced significantly more total renin than cultured human endometrial cells, suggesting that pregnancy enhanced renin production by the cells lining the uterus. Immunoblot analysis and [3H]leucine incorporation identified 47,000-mol wt prorenin as the major form of renin produced by cultured human decidual cells. These studies indicate that maternal decidua is the major source of prorenin in the uteroplacental unit.

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    ABSTRACT: Amaç: Fetusta intrauterin gelişme geriliği olan ağir preeklamptik gebelerin plazma renin ve prorenin düzeylerini in- celemek ve benzer gebelik haftasindaki kontrol grubu ile karşilaştirarak intrauterin gelişme geriliği ve şiddetli pre- eklampsi fizyopatolojisindeki rollerini araştirmak. Metod: Çalişmaya ağir preeklampsi ve intrauterin gelişme geriliği tanisi alan 39 gebe ile kontrol grubu olarak baş- ka sebeplerle hospitalize edilen ve fetal gelişme geriliği olmayan 32 gebe dahil edildi. İki günlük düşük sodyum içe- ren diyet alimini takiben renin ve prorenin için ölçüm yapildi. Prorenin düzeyleri için total renin düzeyleri ölçüldü ve aktif renin düzeyleri bu değerden çikarildi. Bulgular: Ağir preeklamptik grupta renin düzeyleri ortalama 68.71 ±34.47 ng/ml, kontrol grubunda ise 35.09111.94 ng/ml idi (p
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    ABSTRACT: Prorenin stimulates decidual prostaglandin (PG) production in vitro, the (pro)renin receptor ((P)RR) may mediate this action. The role of prorenin in amnion PG synthesis has not been examined, despite this being the key site of PG synthesis. To determine if (P)RR, prorenin and PGHS-2 are co-localized in gestational tissues and if expression is altered by labour, term amnion, chorion, decidua and placenta were collected during elective caesarean section or after spontaneous labour. Prorenin, (P)RR and PGHS-2 mRNA abundance was determined by real-time RT-PCR. (P)RR protein was examined by immunohistochemistry. The effect of recombinant human (rh) prorenin on PGHS-2 mRNA abundance in amnion explants was determined. Prorenin and (P)RR mRNA were highest in decidua and placenta, respectively. Decidual prorenin, (P)RR and placental (P)RR mRNA abundance decreased with labour. (P)RR protein was present in all gestational tissues. After labour, decidual prorenin was positively correlated with amnion PGHS-2 mRNA and rh-prorenin significantly increased PGHS-2 mRNA abundance in amnion explants. We conclude that the decidua is the principal source of prorenin and is downregulated with labour. All gestational tissues are targets for prorenin. Decidual prorenin may be involved in the labour-associated increase in amnion PGHS-2 abundance via the (P)RR.
    Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 09/2011; 12(3):304-10. · 2.29 Impact Factor
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