[Clinico-electrocardiographic variants of combined lesions of the sinoatrial and atrioventricular nodes].

Kardiologiia (Impact Factor: 0.12). 04/1989; 29(3):37-41.
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A study of 71 patients with atrioventricular blocks and 57 patients with the sick-sinus syndrome (SSS) revealed electrophysiologic evidence of sinus dysfunction in 38 (53.5%) patients with atrioventricular blocks. Sinus dysfunction was due to pathologic vegetative effects in 15 (21.1%) patients with AV blocks, and a pathology of the sinus node itself in 23 (32.4%). Impaired atrioventricular conductivity, was registered in 29 (38.7%) patients with the SSS. A disorder of atrioventricular automatism was detected in 38 patients, and was combined with impaired AV conductivity in 19 of those. Five clinico-electrocardiographic variants of binodal heart disease have been identified, and possible therapies are discussed for each of those.

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