Children of the Garden Island.

University of California, Davis.
Scientific American (Impact Factor: 1.33). 05/1989; 260(4):106-11. DOI: 10.1038/scientificamerican0489-106
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    ABSTRACT: Statewide birth certificate and preschool exceptionality records were integrated to identify risk factors for developmental delay (DD). Epidemiological methods were used to investigate both individual-level and population-level risk for DD associated with a number of child and maternal factors. Infants born with very low birth weight were at the greatest individual-level risk for DD, whereas prematurity (gestational age less than 37 weeks) and low maternal education posed the greatest population-level risk. For comparative purposes, individual-level risk for speech disability and other developmental disabilities was also determined. The individual-level risk associated with nearly all factors was significantly greater for DD than for speech disability or other developmental disabilities. The present study suggests that information available from birth certificate records can be used to target screening and early intervention services for children at high risk with the goal of reducing the incidence of DD and subsequent associated disabilities.
    Exceptionality 05/2007; 15(2):119-136. DOI:10.1080/09362830701294185 · 0.80 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Millions of children and youth in our country live in poverty. And yet despite the overwhelming adversity associated with poverty, many of these youngsters are able to bounce back. The purpose of this article is to describe social and psychological factors that help them defy the risks associated with being poor. We suggest ways in which resiliency can be fostered through school and community programs. Included in this are ways in which physical activity serves as an effective medium for promoting growth and renewed optimism. Guidelines for delivering physical activity programs for increasing resiliency are proposed. In these guidelines are personal requirements necessary for successfully working with underserved children and youth.
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