Top-pions and single top production at HERA and THERA

Physics Letters B (Impact Factor: 6.13). 09/2004; 605(3-4). DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2004.11.053
Source: arXiv

ABSTRACT We study single top quark production at the HERA and THERA colliders as coming from the FCNC vertices tcgamma and tcZ that appear at one loop level in Topcolor-assisted technicolor models (TC2). In contrast with previous expectations, we find that the production cross section is of order 10^-6 pb for HERA and 10^-4 pb for THERA (even lower that the SM prediction). Therefore, none of the two colliders are capable to probe the pseudoscalar top-pion or the scalar top-higgs predicted in TC2 models via single top production. Comment: 5 pages, 2 figures. Paragraph and 1 reference added

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    ABSTRACT: We present a top-condensation model in which the CP symmetry is spontaneously broken at the electroweak scale due to the condensation of two composite Higgs doublets. In particular the CP-violating phase of the CKM matrix is generated. A simpler model where only one quark family is included is also discussed. In this case, for a general four-fermion interaction ($G_{tb}\neq 0$), the particle spectrum is the one of the one Higgs doublet model. Comment: 25 pages, LaTeX. References and comment added
    Physical review D: Particles and fields 03/2005; 71(9). DOI:10.1103/PhysRevD.71.095014 · 4.86 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Linac-ring analogues of the LHC and VLHC based standard type ep collider proposals are discussed. It is shown that sufficiently high luminosities can be obtained with TESLA-like linacs, whereas essential modifications are required for CLIC technology. The physics search potential of proposed ep colliders is demonstrated using pair production of heavy quarks as an example.
    Acta Physica Polonica Series B 05/2005; 38(6). · 0.85 Impact Factor