DNA sequences of the cysB regions of Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli.

Journal of Biological Chemistry (Impact Factor: 4.6). 06/1987; 262(13):5999-6005.
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ABSTRACT Nucleotide sequences of the cysB region of Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli have been determined and compared. A total of 1759 nucleotides were sequenced in S. typhimurium and 1840 in E. coli. Both contain a 972-nucleotide open reading frame identified as the coding region for the cysB regulatory protein on the basis of sequence homology and by comparison of the deduced amino acid sequences with known physicochemical properties of this protein. The DNA sequence identity for the cysB coding region in the two species is 80.5%. The deduced amino acid sequences are 95% identical. The predicted cysB polypeptide molecular weights are 36,013 for S. typhimurium and 36,150 for E. coli. For both proteins a helix-turn-helix region similar to that found in other DNA-binding proteins is predicted from the deduced amino acid sequence. Sequences upstream to cysB contain open reading frames which represent the carboxyl-terminal end of the topA gene product, DNA topoisomerase I. A pattern of highly conserved nucleotide sequences in the 151 nucleotides immediately preceding the cysB initiator codon in both species suggests that this region may contain multiple signals for the regulation of cysB expression.


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