Conference Paper

Age-related peculiarities in the effect of mechanical stress on visco-elastic properties and polysaccharide composition of rats’ skin. Material translated from Russian language.

Conference: IV International Conference of young scientists: "Biology: from Molecules to Biosphere". Original material in Russian language.

ABSTRACT Mechanical stretching of rats’ skin influences its visco-elastic properties, as well as polysaccharide composition. The aim of the present work was to in vitro study the role of skin polysaccharide composition in its adaptation response to the action of stretching mechanical stress in rats of different ages.
It was found out that, changes in the visco-elastic properties of the skin correlate with changes in hyaluronic acid and sulphated GAG concentrations, and that, this effect is seen as a structural and metabolic adaptation of the skin in response to mechanical stretching, which is more pronounced in younger animals than in older ones.