Intestinal parasitosis in the population of the Yemen Arab Republic.

Tropical and geographical medicine 04/1985; 37(1):29-31.
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ABSTRACT The present work is a report on the various parasitic infections in the Yemeni population during the period 1980-1982. Specimens were received and examined in the Parasitology Department of the Central Public Health Laboratory at Sana'a. Over 37.000 stool specimens and 25.000 urine specimens formed the subject of this study. 53% of the stool specimens were positive for intestinal parasites. T. trichiura, A. lumbricoides and G. lamblia had the highest prevalence. Fasciola ova were found in 0.5% of specimens. N. americanus and A. duodenale were both identified. S. mansoni was detected in 6% of stool specimens and S. haematobium in 2% of urine specimens.