Charged Rotating Kaluza-Klein Black Holes in Five Dimensions

Physical review D: Particles and fields 01/2008; DOI: 10.1103/PHYSREVD.77.044040
Source: arXiv

ABSTRACT We construct a new charged rotating Kaluza-Klein black hole solution in the five-dimensional Einstein-Maxwell theory with a Chern-Simon term. The features of the solutions are also investigated. The spacetime is asymptotically locally flat, i.e., it asymptotes to a twisted $\rm S^1$ bundle over the four-dimensional Minkowski spacetime. The solution describe a non-BPS black hole rotating in the direction of the extra dimension. The solutions have the limits to the supersymmetric black hole solutions, a new extreme non-BPS black hole solutions and a new rotating non-BPS black hole solution with a constant twisted $\rm S^1$ fiber.

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    ABSTRACT: We construct exact solutions, which represent regular charged rotating Kaluza-Klein multiblack holes in the five-dimensional pure Einstein-Maxwell theory. Quantization conditions between the mass, the angular momentum, and charges appear from the regularity condition of horizon. We also obtain multiblack string solutions by taking some limits in the solutions. We extend the black hole solutions to the five-dimensional Einstein-Maxwell-Chern-Simons theory with an arbitrary Chern-Simons coupling constant.
    Physical Review D 11/2012; 86(10). · 4.69 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: We present a new expression for the five-dimensional static Kaluza-Klein black hole solution with squashed $S^3$ horizons and three different charge parameters. This black hole solution belongs to $D = 5$ $N = 2$ supergravity theory, its spacetime is locally asymptotically flat and has a spatial infinity $R \times S^1 \hookrightarrow S^2$. The form of the solution is extraordinary simple and permits us very conveniently to calculate its conserved charges by using the counterterm method. It is further shown that our thermodynamical quantities perfectly obey both the differential and the integral first laws of black hole thermodynamics if the length of the compact extra-dimension can be viewed as a thermodynamical variable.
    Physics Letters B 11/2013; 726(1). · 4.57 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The main focus of this session was the presentation of new higher-dimensional black hole solutions, including black rings, black strings, and multi black holes, and the study of their properties. Besides new asymptotically flat and locally asymptotically flat black objects also new black holes with anti-de Sitter asymptotics were reported. The studies of their properties included the investigation of their stability, their thermodynamics, their analyticity and their existence. Furthermore, the geodesics in such higher-dimensional space-times were investigated.

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