Bioavailability of digoxin.

The Lancet (Impact Factor: 39.21). 10/1972; 2(7779):708. DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(72)92112-5
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    ABSTRACT: A standard format for a Clinical Pharmacokinetic Summary is proposed. It consists of a heading, tables, notes, and references for each drug reviewed. The table presents a unified and logical set of clinically useful population pharmacokinetic parameters. They concern four major areas: absorption, distribution, elimination, and the relationship of concentration to effect. Within each major group, parameters dealing with extents and rates of processes are given. Each such parameter is really two: a population mea value (for example, average volume of distribution) and the standard deviation of individual values about this mean. The first value allows individual predictions of dosage or drug level to be made; the second allows computation of the likely proximity of subsequently observed quantities to those predictions. The table presents single consensus values for each population parameter, rather than a list of values. A procedure for computing these consensus values, and for revising them in the light of new data, or reinterpreted old data, is given. Examples of Summaries are given. The method appears applicable to a variety of drugs. We suggest our approach as a standard one for preparing Clinical Pharmacokinetic Summaries, and urge our colleagues to consider it for that purpose.
    Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics 03/1981; 9(1):59-127.
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    ABSTRACT: Ball milling or muller milling digoxin with a 20-fold excess of lactose, sucrose, calcium phosphate dibasic, or microcrystalline cellulose significantly enhanced its dissolution rate. Tablets prepared with such triturations also exhibited superior rates of dissolution. Those prepared with the digoxin-lactose trituration gave plasma levels in rats that were 89.6% of the values from an oral solution of digoxin. A simple blend of unmilled digoxin with lactose yielded tablets producing plasma levels only 80% as high. Excellent content uniformity was characteristic for all triturations and tablets prepared by ball or muller milling.
    Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 04/1974; 63(3):339-44. · 3.13 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The in vitro dissolution and the bioavailability of two pharmaceutical formulations of digoxin were compared, one being a common commercial tablet form and the other a solution of the glycoside in soft gelatin capsules. Digoxin capsules dissolved more readily in vitro and showed higher bioavailability than digoxin tablets in both dogs and humans. In dogs, the capsules and tablets were compared with an elixir of digoxin, which possesses complete bioavailability. The better bioavailability of digoxin capsules as compared with tablets may be explained by the fact that this formulation contains the cardiac glycoside in a solution.
    Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 03/1977; 66(2):267-9. · 3.13 Impact Factor