XYY chromosomal constituion in criminal psychopaths.

The Cytogenetic Laboratory, Aarhus State Hospital, Risskov, and the Institution for Criminal Psychopaths, Herstedvester, Denmark.
The Lancet (Impact Factor: 45.22). 10/1968; 2(7567):576. DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(68)92444-6
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  • New England Journal of Medicine 05/1969; 280(16):851-5. DOI:10.1056/NEJM196904172801602 · 55.87 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: IN 1965 Jacobs et al.1 found seven of 196 males at Carstairs, the Scottish State Hospital, had a chromosome complement of 47, XYY and studies of the inmates of similar institutions in England2, Australia3, Denmark4 and the USA5 have confirmed this. The height of many males with a double Y chromosome was 180 cm or more. This raises the question, is there a similar high incidence of 47, XYY males among the inmates of prisons? Reports relating to prisons and other penal institutions2,6-8 have shown considerable variation in the incidence of 47, XYY males (Table 1).
    Nature 06/1969; 222(5193):596. DOI:10.1038/222596a0 · 41.46 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: REPORTS associating an extra Y chromosome with tallness and anti-social behaviour have originated from surveys conducted mainly in maximum security institutions1. Although it has been suggested that the anti-social behaviour is directed largely against property rather than persons2, no definite criminal pattern has been found and crimes have ranged from malicious mischief to murder3,4. In addition, a few 47,XYY individuals have been detected with no apparent criminal or anti-social history1. Sex offences have been implicated in several instances2,5–7 and a recent study8 noted that two 47,XYY patients were persistent homosexuals. In the following survey, 200 tall anti-social men at Atascadero State Hospital in California were studied in order to obtain additional information on the incidence of sex chromosome aneuploids.
    10/1969; 224(5217):369-370. DOI:10.1038/224369a0
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