XYY chromosomal constituion in criminal psychopaths.

The Cytogenetic Laboratory, Aarhus State Hospital, Risskov, and the Institution for Criminal Psychopaths, Herstedvester, Denmark.
The Lancet (Impact Factor: 39.21). 10/1968; 2(7567):576. DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(68)92444-6
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    ABSTRACT: 12 psychopathic patients with chromosome aberrations found among 480 individuals in two institutions for criminal psychopaths in Denmark have been crimino-biologically investigated. 5 of these individuals have Klinefelter's syndrome, 5 are of the XYY karyotype, 1 is 46,XY/47,XY ?Xq- mosaic, and the remaining one is 46, ?Xp-Y.The mean age at first offence is 18.5 years; 83% are recidivists with the mean number of sentences being 7.0. The criminal acts of 5 patients with the XYY syndrome consist mainly of petty thieving, indecency and arson. The criminal offences of 5 patients with Klinefelter's syndrome is mainly petty thieving, sexual offences and less violent crimes. The relationships between the individual criminal life curve, age at first offence, number of sentences, criminality among siblings, milieu factors, intelligence, and psychiatric diagnosis are discussed.Psychoinfantile personality is pronounced in 5 patients with Klinefelter's syndrome. Schizoid personality was remarkable in 3 patients with the XYY syndrome.12 psychopathische Patienten mit Chromosomenaberrationen, die unter 480 Insassen von zwei Anstalten fr kriminelle Psychopathen in Dnemark gefunden wurden, wurden kriminalbiologisch untersucht: 5 von ihnen hatten das Klinefelter-Syndrom, 5 zeigten den XYY-Karyotyp, 1 war 46, XY/47,XY,?Xq-Mosaik, der letzte war 46, ?Xp-Y.Das Durchschnittsalter bei dem ersten Vergehen war 18,5 Jahre; 83% wurden rckfllig; die durchschnittliche Zahl der Verurteilungen betrug 7,0. Die Vergehen der 5 Personen mit XYY-Syndrom bestanden vor allem aus geringfgigen Diebereien, Sittlichkeitsvergehen und Brandstiftung. Die Vergehen der 5 Patienten mit Klinefelter-Syndrom setzten sich vor allem zusammen aus geringfgigen Diebereien, sexuellen Vergehen und weniger gewaltsamen Vergehen. Die Beziehungen zwischen den individuellen Lebenslufen bezglich der Kriminalitt, dem Alter beim ersten Vergehen, der Zahl der Verurteilungen, der Kriminalitt unter Geschwistern, den Milieufaktoren, der Intelligenz und der psychiatrischen Diagnose werden diskutiert. Bei 5 Patienten mit Klinefelter-Syndrom finden sich deutliche Zeichen einer psychoinfantilen Persnlichkeit. 3 Patienten mit XYY-Syndrom zeigten deutliche schizoide Zge.
    Human Genetics 02/1970; 10(1):68-84. DOI:10.1007/BF00297642 · 4.52 Impact Factor
  • New England Journal of Medicine 05/1969; 280(16):851-5. DOI:10.1056/NEJM196904172801602 · 54.42 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: REPORTS associating an extra Y chromosome with tallness and anti-social behaviour have originated from surveys conducted mainly in maximum security institutions1. Although it has been suggested that the anti-social behaviour is directed largely against property rather than persons2, no definite criminal pattern has been found and crimes have ranged from malicious mischief to murder3,4. In addition, a few 47,XYY individuals have been detected with no apparent criminal or anti-social history1. Sex offences have been implicated in several instances2,5–7 and a recent study8 noted that two 47,XYY patients were persistent homosexuals. In the following survey, 200 tall anti-social men at Atascadero State Hospital in California were studied in order to obtain additional information on the incidence of sex chromosome aneuploids.
    10/1969; 224(5217):369-370. DOI:10.1038/224369a0