Viscous Spacetime Fluid and Higher Curvature Gravity

Source: arXiv

ABSTRACT The Einstein field equation as an equation of state of a thermodynamical system of spacetime is reconsidered in the present Letter. We argue that a consistent interpretation leads us to identify scalar curvature and cosmological constant terms representing the bulk viscosity of the spacetime fluid. Since Einstein equation itself corresponds to a near-equilibrium state in this interpretation invoking $f(R)$ gravity for nonequilibrium thermodynamics is not required. A logically consistent generalization to include the effect of so called 'tidal forces' due to the Riemann curvature is presented. A new equation of state for higher curvature gravity is derived and its physical interpretation is discussed.

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    ABSTRACT: We perform an analysis where Einstein's field equation is derived by means of very simple thermodynamical arguments. Our derivation is based on a consideration of the properties of a very small, spacelike two-plane in a uniformly accelerating motion. Comment: 17 pages, 2 figures. Final version, accepted for publication in IJMPD. The paper has been re-organized, and significantly re-written, although the conclusions remain essentially the same
    International Journal of Modern Physics D 12/2006; DOI:10.1142/S0218271809014698 · 1.42 Impact Factor


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