A Star Catalog for the Open Cluster NGC188

09/2004; DOI: 10.1086/426122
Source: arXiv

ABSTRACT We present new BVRI broad-band photometry for the old open cluster NGC188 based upon analysis of 299 CCD images either obtained by us, donated by colleagues, or retrieved from public archives. We compare our results on a star-by-star basis with data from eleven previous photometric investigations of the cluster. We homogenize and merge the data from all the photometric studies, and also merge membership probabilities from four previous proper-motion studies of the cluster field. Fiducial cluster sequences in the BV (Johnson) RI (Cousins) photometric system of Landolt (1992, AJ, 104, 340) represent the principal result of this paper. These have been compared to reference samples defined by (a) Landolt's standard stars, (b) the old open clusters M67 and NGC6791, and (c) stars within 25 pc having modern photometry and precise Hipparcos parallaxes. In a companion paper we show that our derived cluster results agree well with the predictions of modern stellar-interior and -evolution theory, given reasonable estimates of the cluster chemical abundances and foreground reddening. The individual and combined datasets for NGC188 have been made available through our web site. Comment: Accepted for PASP


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