Light Speed Invariance is a Remarkable Illusion

Physics Essays (Impact Factor: 0.25). 09/2007; DOI: 10.4006/1.3280803
Source: arXiv

ABSTRACT Though many experiments appear to have confirmed the light speed invariance postulate of special relativity theory, this postulate is actually unverified. This paper resolves this issue by first showing the manner in which an illusion of light speed invariance occurs in two-way light speed measurement in the framework of a semi-classical absolute space theory. It then demonstrates a measurable variation of the one-way speed of light, which directly invalidates the invariance postulate and confirms the existence of the preferred reference frame of the absolute space theory.

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    ABSTRACT: In a paper in 1910 Tolman pointed out that the light speed invariance postulate of special relativity requires that the time for light to traverse a fixed distance between two points is independent of the movement of those points relative to the light source. The range equation of the GPS is used to directly test this proposition. This equation has been rigorously tested and verified in the Earth-Centred Inertial frame where light signals propagate in straight lines at constant speed c. The result is a simple demonstration of light speed variation that is consistent with light speed variation detected in other experiments and inconsistent with the light speed invariance postulate.
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    ABSTRACT: The one-way speed of light in an East-West direction over short distances is examined by exploiting the successful operation of the Global Positioning System. This system has been rigorously and extensively tested and verified in the Earth-Centred Inertial frame, a frame that moves with the Earth as it revolves around the Sun but does not share the Earth's rotation. The result is a simple demonstration of one-way light speed variation depending on the direction of propagation that indicates the need for a change in the practice of the routine application of the principle of light speed constancy in the frame of the Earth Keywords: one-way speed of light, GPS, range equation, ECI frame, special theory of relativity, principle of light speed constancy.
    Physics Essays 09/2012; 25(3):387-389. DOI:10.4006/0836-1398-25.3.387 · 0.25 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Many researchers claim that Einstein's relativity postulate, which requires that the speed of light be invariant for all inertial observers, is wrong. Their claim is based on certain evidence that the speed of light is actually variant; the speed of light, contrary to special relativity, is not constant. This article explains why and how Einstein's postulate of lightspeed constancy remains valid! While at the same time, the claim of lightspeed nonconstancy is also valid! The speed of light is always constant with respect to its conducting medium. The speed of light always appears constant within the restrictive Einstein postulate. The lightspeed that is inferred from an out-and-back-lightpath experiment (the implementation of Einstein's restriction) might be c; however, the speed out need not be equal to the speed back; the one-way speed might not be c. The following exploration, by recognizing that there are three distinct domains of validity with all three linked by the aether concept, brings together the absolute, the illusionary, and the measurable to formulate an extended postulate for the speed of light-all in all, another powerful instance of Heraclitian harmony of opposites. (C) 2013 Physics Essays Publication. []
    Physics Essays 03/2013; 26(1):40-48. DOI:10.4006/0836-1398-26.1.40 · 0.25 Impact Factor

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