Prophylactic application of Propionibacterium avidum KP-40 in swine with acute experimental infections. II. Bacterial infections: pleuropneumonia and swine erysipelas.

Department of Swine Diseases, National Institute of Veterinary Research, Pulawy, Poland.
DTW. Deutsche tierärztliche Wochenschrift (Impact Factor: 0.41). 05/1993; 100(5):185-8.
Source: PubMed


The potent immunomodifier Propionibacterium avidum KP-40 (PA) demonstrated prophylactic potency in swine infected experimentally with Haemophilus (Actinobacillus) pleuropneumoniae or Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae. Animals received PA either together with the respective vaccine or PA only; 3 resp. 4 weeks later all animals were inoculated with virulent pathogens. Eight of 10 swine immunized with inactivated pleuropneumonia vaccine developed mild-moderate forms of infection with temporary stagnation of body weight; application of the vaccine together with PA lowered the morbidity rate to 1 of 10 (p < 0.05). Also in non-vaccinated swine infected with pleuropneumonia or erysipelas PA application resulted in milder clinical symptoms, faster recovery and a larger gain of body weight.

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