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    ABSTRACT: Prenatal calcification of the inferior vena cava (IVC) and renal veins is a rare condition with unclear etiology and prognosis. It occurs with renal vein thrombosis in utero and is associated with congenital anomalies and abnormal prenatal hemodynamic status. We report a rare case of prenatal IVC and renal vein calcification in a normal neonate without any history of compromised prenatal or perinatal condition, or significant deterioration of kidney function.
    The Scientific World Journal 02/2006; 6:734-6. · 1.73 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: This manuscript discusses the clinical presentation, diagnosis, pathophysiology and possible etiologies of prenatal thrombosis of the inferior vena cava and renal veins. Eleven cases were identified through a Medline search of the English literature. These cases were reviewed, together with a recent case that was treated in our medical center. Fetal thrombosis in the aforementioned vessels, presented as hydrops fetalis (33%), acute fetal distress (42%), or as an incidental prenatal ultrasound finding (25%). Underlying maternal conditions were present in 58%, and included chronic conditions (hypertension and diabetes mellitus), acute conditions (pyelonephritis and preeclampsia) and thrombophilia. In 42% cases, the prenatal ultrasound scan revealed an enlarged and hyper-echogenic affected kidney. Intrauterine fetal venous thrombosis is a rare phenomenon, probably attributed to a multifactorial process. These factors may include inherited thrombophilia as well as prothrombotic clinical conditions.
    Prenatal Diagnosis 08/2007; 27(7):603-7. · 2.68 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: We present an unusual case of an extensive venous thrombosis (involving the inferior vena cava, bilateral renal veins, gonadal vein and iliac veins) diagnosed in the neonatal period. The CT images revealed the typical diagnostic pattern.
    Pediatric Radiology 06/2006; 36(5):437-9. · 1.57 Impact Factor