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    • "The marked response to clozapine may indicate superior eVect on catatonia (Battegay et al., 1977). On the other hand, there is anecdotal evidence that clozapine improves behavioral problems in autistic children (Zuddas et al., 1996). The positive response to lorazepam suggests specificity of benzodiazepine treatment in catatonic stupor, in accord with controlled studies in general psychiatric patients (Bush et al., 1996a; Ungvari et al., 1994). "
    International Review of Neurobiology 02/2005; 71:189-216. DOI:10.1016/S0074-7742(05)71009-6 · 2.46 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Autism spectrum disorders, a group of five conditions with similar behavioral characteristics, have received increasing research attention in recent years. Treatments have been successful at least to remediate or improve some symptoms, and the amount of research on the topic has been escalating very rapidly. The two primary forms of intervention studied the most to date have been applied behavior analysis and behavior therapy, and psychopharmacology. The purpose of this paper was to review efficacy of this latter category: drug related interventions for challenging behaviors. Effectiveness of these treatments based on the available research literature are reviewed with respect to current strengths and weaknesses of various psychotropic drug interventions. Trends in the data and potential future directions for research are discussed, including types of drugs used, targets for intervention, the future of combined behavior and drug interventions, and the measurement of side effects in psychopharmacology.
    Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities 01/2008; 20(2):175-191. DOI:10.1007/s10882-007-9088-y · 0.89 Impact Factor
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