Thermal changes in cow's mammary gland after experimentally invoked inflammation (mastitis).

Department of Animal Hygiene and Livestock Environment, University, Wrocław, Poland.
Archivum veterinarium Polonicum / Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee of Veterinary Sciences 02/1993; 33(3-4):157-63.
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The purpose of the study was the evaluation of the thermal changes within mammary gland in cows, after experimentally invoked inflammation, developed as a result of 60 ml of 20% NaCl solution given directly into the udder (A and D quarters). Three hours after injection, the increased' temperature of teats and their bases by 2.26 degrees C and 0.58 degree C, respectively, was stated. The temperature was still increased after 6 hours from NaCl solution injection. It was accompanied by increase of heat flux from the skin surface by 50.17 mW/cm2 taken from the teat surface, and by increased values of Burton Index--the tissue blood supply index.

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