Job stress and job performance controversy: an empirical assessment.

Concordia University Canada
Organizational Behavior and Human Performance 03/1984; 33(1):1-21. DOI: 10.1016/0030-5073(84)90009-6
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ABSTRACT This study examined the relationship between job stress and employees' performance and withdrawal behavior among nurses (N = 440) in two hospitals in a metropolitan Canadian city on the east coast. Job stressors assessed included role ambiguity, role overload, role conflict, and resource inadequacy. Employees' performance was operationalized in terms of job performance, motivation, and patient care skill. Withdrawal behaviors assessed were absenteeism, tardiness, and anticipated turnover. Multiple regressions, curvilinear correlation coefficients, and canonical correlations were computed to test the nature of the relationship between stressors and the criterion variables of the study. In general, data were more supportive of the negative linear relationship between stress and performance than for positive linear or curvilinear relationship. However, the stressor role ambiguity did exhibit a monotonic nonlinear relationship with a number of criterion variables. Employees' professional and organizational commitment were proposed to moderate the stress-performance relationship. However, the data only partially supported the role of the moderators.

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    ABSTRACT: Development of advanced models at the grain size scales has so far been mostly limited to simulated geometry structures such as for example 3D Voronoi tessellations. The difficulty came from a lack of non-destructive techniques for measuring the microstructures. In this work a novel grain-size scale approach for modelling intergranular stress corrosion cracking based on as-measured 3D grain structure of a 400μm stainless steel wire is presented. Grain topologies and crystallographic orientations are obtained using a diffraction contrast tomography, reconstructed within a detailed finite element model and coupled with advanced constitutive models for grains and grain boundaries. The wire is composed of 362 grains and over 1600 grain boundaries. Grain boundary damage initialization and early development is then explored for a number of cases, ranging from isotropic elasticity up to crystal plasticity constitutive laws for the bulk grain material. In all cases the grain boundaries are modeled using the cohesive zone approach. The feasibility of the approach is explored.
    Nuclear Engineering and Design. 01/2012; 246:107-114.
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    ABSTRACT: Purpose – The aim of the study is to investigate the impact of job stress on job satisfaction of employees and also to find out the drivers for the job stress, which contribute to create job stress which ultimately negatively affect job satisfaction. Design/methodology/approach – The study is mainly based on review of the existing literature and collection of data through an adopted questionnaire survey, conducted from the selected sample of Air Traffic Controllers of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. A total of 134 questionnaires were distributed among the sample which is selected using the technique of cluster sampling. 122 respondents returned the questionnaire, which are utilized for the analysis purpose. Findings – The results of the current study indicate that there is a negative relationship between job stress and job satisfaction. Those air traffic controllers who had high level of job stress had low job satisfaction. Research limitations – This research paper is based on a specific case of Air Traffic Controllers of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. So the results are applicable specifically to Air Traffic Controllers of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority or other fields in the same industry. A quantitative methodology is used to investigate the problem. Future research can investigate the problem by using a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methodology. Practical implications – The practical implications of the paper include implementation of the results provided by researcher to decrease the employees" level of stress and increase job International Journal of Human Resource Studies ISSN 2162-3058 2012, Vol. 2, No. 2 54 satisfaction level. Originality/value – The study is conducted first time in the field specifically highlighting the stress issue. It can be a base for the future research in this area.
    The International Journal of Human Resource Studies. 05/2012; 2(2):53-70.
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    ABSTRACT: When an individual experiences work stress, it could make him/her susceptible physiologically, psychologically and behaviourally. These negative effects of stress will susceptible individual productivity. The purpose of this research was to determine the direct effects of occupational stressors on commitment, health, and individual productivity. The respondents were selected based on the proportionate stratified random sampling method. 300 questionnaires were collected from the academic administrators from 5 Malaysian research universities. The research instrument used for stress, commitment, and health component was adopted from ASSET (A Shortened Stress Evaluation Tool). The productivity component employed the criteria's from the research universities' annual performance appraisal. Occupational stressors were analysed dimensionally while commitment, health, and individual productivity aggregately. The results showed that commitment and health positively affects individual productivity. However, work relationships, work-life balance, job security, control, resources and communication, and pay and benefits significantly but negatively relate to individual productivity.