[Intrastomal refractive surgery with ultra-short laser pulses. Results from initial in vitro experiments].

Augenklinik der FSU Jena, Germany.
Der Ophthalmologe (Impact Factor: 0.5). 11/2002; 99(10):756-60.
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To investigate the possibilities and techniques for intrastromal ablation of the cornea by the use of ultra-short laser pulses.
A laser-induced plasma with a diameter of 8 mu was generated 100-300 mu below Bowmans membrane by focussing of a Ti:Saphir laser (lambda=805 nm, pulse width: 115 fs, energy: 0.6-3.3 microJ). Scanning the laser beam enabled arbitrary transsections in the corneal stroma. All experiments were performed in porcine eyes 1-4 h post-mortem.
Two-dimensional sections were achieved applying a minimal laser energy of 0.6 microJ at a separation of the single laser effects of 10 micrometer. A 150 micrometer thick disc was excised 150 micrometer below Bowmans membrane and extracted through a keratotomy performed by the laser. Sharp-cut edges were observed by slit-lamp biomicroscopy.
Ultra-short laser pulses are suitable for precise intrastromal ablation.

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