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  • Moumita Ray · R. Gupta · D. Rousseau
    Edited by R. Yada, C. M. Sabliov, H. Chen, 01/2014: chapter 11; John-Wiley & Sons Inc. NJ.
  • Renuka Gupta · Dérick Rousseau
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    ABSTRACT: Oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions solely stabilized by surface-active solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) were developed. The SLNs were generated by quench-cooling hot O/W nanoemulsions consisting of 7.5% glyceryl stearyl citrate (GSC) dispersed in water. Their initial volume-weighted mean particle diameter (∼152 nm) and zeta potential (ca.-49 mV) remained unchanged for 24 weeks. O/W emulsions (oil phase volume fraction: 0.2) containing 7.5% (w/w) GSC SLNs in the aqueous phase were kinetically-stable for 12 weeks and did not visually phase-separate over 24 weeks. The O/W emulsions generated with solid-state GSC SLNs had a volume-weighted mean oil droplet diameter of ∼459 nm and a zeta potential of ca.-43 mV. Emulsion microstructure evaluated with TEM revealed dispersed oil droplets sparsely covered with adsorbed Pickering-type SLNs as well aggregated SLNs present in the continuous phase. Gradual emulsion destabilization resulted from GSC SLN dissolution during the experimental timeframe. Overall, surface-active SLNs developed via nanoemulsions effectively kinetically stabilized O/W emulsions.
    03/2012; 3(3):302-11. DOI:10.1039/c2fo10203j
  • Renuka Gupta · Kamalinder Singh
    Lipid Nanocarriers in Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy, Special Handbook Edition edited by Eliana B. Souto, 01/2011: chapter 4: pages 55-84; i Smithers Rapra Technical Publications.
  • Renuka Gupta · Kamalinder Singh
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    ABSTRACT: Packaging of pharmaceuticals is a critical process. Plastics are unanimously used for solid dosage packaging. Due to their numerous advantages over glass, they are now being considered as an alternative to packaging of liquid dosage forms also. Cough syrups are preparations containing antitussive drugs, and are most commonly packaged in glass bottles. The interactive nature of plastics makes it essential that a detailed study be carried out before their use for any pharmaceutical packaging. The present work reports the stability and suitability of packaging antitussive syrup in plastic containers.
    Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 01/2007; 69(3). DOI:10.4103/0250-474X.34551 · 0.48 Impact Factor

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