Regina Wikinski

Cell Biology

Emeritus Professor. Pharmacy and Biochemistry PhD


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  • Dec 2014
    First award to theTtrajectory in Clinical Biochemistry from Argentine. Biochemistry Foundation
  • Aug 2011
    Great Master of the University of Buenos Aires, Member of the Academy of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
  • Aug 2002
    Aterosclerosis. Qualitative modification.Academy of Medicine


Our current project is the study of the interaction of Remnant lipoproteins IDL and chylomicron remnants, with LDLox, other qualitative modified LDL and VLDL, DMT2, inflammatory mechanisms, advanced kidney disease and atherosclerosis. This is an experimental and clinical study, with hemodialyzed patients as a clinical model and rats fed with high sucrose content as an experimental model.

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