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  • Kenneth R. St John · Robert A. Poggie ·

    01/2004; ASTM International.
  • Kenneth Raymond St. John ·
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    ABSTRACT: This volume contains 19 papers from the conference proceedings. Some of the topics discussed by the papers are here cited as examples: debris-mediated osteolysis--a cascade phenomenon involving motion, wear, particulates, macrophage induction, and bone lysis; clinical and experimental studies in the biology of aseptic loosening of joint arthoplasties and the role of polymer particles; histopathological effects of ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene and metal wear debris in porous and cemented surface replacements; endosteal osteolysis around well-fixed porous-coated cementless femolar components; failure mechanism of a metal-backed patella: an implant retrieval study; histomorphological reaction patterns of the bone to diverse particulate implant materials in man and experimental animals; a comparison of the biocompatibility of polymethyl methacrylate debris with and without titanium debris: a comparison of two in vivo models; in vivo activation of monocyte macrophages and fibroblasts by metal particles; and human plasma adsorption to particulate arthroplastic component materials in vitro.
    1144 01/1992;

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