Chris Salmon
Salmon Oil Company

Computer Communications (Networks), Geoinformatics (GIS), Geology




A guitar playing, card-game wagering internet pioneer, geologist, ski bum, and web producer. I've set myself a lot of goals for the upcoming decade - I accept almost all friend requests I'm a proud father to my son Siddhartha!

I'm a big nerd hahaha :-) but I'm funny and fun to be around. I live a life rich in highly varied experiences, to say the least hahah :-) I'm very smart in many ways, and yet very stupid in many ways, I've had great success and great failure. I've walked around with $17,000 cash in my pocket, I've consulted on multi-million dollar internet deals, and I've also been so broke I had to sleep in my car. I've camped out for weeks looking for a job, and I've lived in a huge house with my own pool, hot tub and gym/workout room. I've been in low situations where people who didn't know me might look down on me, and I've played guitar on stages where I had standing ovations from hundreds of total strangers. None of it bothers me anymore. What's outside me, is not me. I'm something different from what happens to me.