Carsten Ambelas Skjøth

Aerobiology, Biogeography, Meteorology

Ph.D., Senior Lecturer


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  • Apr 2014
    New approaches for the early detection of tree health pests and pathogens, UK Research Council (BBSRC), 2014-17
  • Dec 2013
    Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, Simple Unified Pollen and Spore Release Model, European Commision: FP7, 2014-18
  • Jan 2013
    SUPREME (Simple Unifed Pollen Release Model), Danish Research Council, 2013-15


Working on spatial modelling of the earth and the atmosphere.
Of particular interest is two topics :
1) Reactive nitrogen (ammonia) from agriculture
2) Aeroallergens (pollen and fungal spores)

Research tools includes observations combined with remote sensing, GIS systems and atmospheric transport models. Current research activities are carried out in the projects SUPREME funded by the Danish Research Council and the European Union, the ECLAIRE project and the COST networks SMARTER and EUNetAir

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